Emotion Cards. 10 ways to use

Эмоциональные карты – замечательный инструмент для фасилитатора и тренера, который помогает людям разговаривать друг с другом через образы. Образы, картинки – они всегда эмоциональны и за ними скрывается иногда даже то, что сам человек не осознает.

Дата публикации: 16 May 2019

Emotion Cards. 10 ways to use Emotion Cards is a wonderful tool a facilitator or trainer can use. They help people communicate through images. Images always have emotions, sometimes they disclose things we are not even aware of. How to use Emotion Cards: Session opening: Gathering expectations. You can ask a participant to choose a card with an image and tell about what they expect from the training or session based on this image. Conference. Start with saying: "I expect ...", "I would like ...", "My goal for the training is ..." Warm-up 1. Select a card that would show what you think and how you are feeling right now. Warm-up 2. Draw a card randomly. Share how this randomly selected card is related to you. Discuss in groups of two or three. Making groups. Select a card reflecting what you feel. Find team members who have similar cards or feelings. Make up a group. Discussing the key issues of the session: Discussion start. Select a card that would reflect the current issue under discussion. For example, team interaction. Then the participants would share their ideas. So, we are looking for patterns. Finding the solution 1. Find the image that would be associated with a solution to the task identified. Share your ideas. Fix offered solutions on workshop cards. Finding the solution 2. Draw a card from the pack. Look at the picture and say what associations you have. Fix it. Now try considering possible solutions using these associations. Fix the solution on moderation cards. Working in a group, select and finalize the best ideas. Session closing: Outcomes 1: Select a card that would reflect the results of the meeting/training. One by one, show your cards and share your results. Outcomes 2: Select a card that would show what you feel after the training. Show your card and share your feelings. Outcomes 3: Select a person or people you would love to say thank you to and select a relevant image. Give the card to the team member and say thank you.